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Thanks for dropping in on us here at Flashcraft, Inc. . . .

The home of Cad Company 8.2 Litre Performance Parts, AKA ‘CMD’, and the new home of Potter Automotive’s Cadillac Performance Parts, AKA ‘CPP’. Cad Company is the originator of aftermarket Cadillac performance parts for the 472/500/425 engine family, and has been in active operation since 1984. We can supply you with every single piece and part you’ll ever need to hotrod, upgrade, overhaul, maintain, race and tow with these great motors. (*Well, almost every part).

The Cad Company powered Spectre streamliner is one of 12 elite cars to be certified over 400 MPH, and the only one running gasoline to do so, with a single 472 Cadillac engine.
See the blog, with video, on the Spectre website!

Our regular telephone hours are from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Mountain Time. We suggest you obtain our catalog prior to calling with questions about what we sell, what it costs, etc., as there is a ton of information in our $5.00 catalog.

Our business revolves around aftermarket parts support for the Cad 472/500/425 engines, building complete Cadillac engines, and offering installation and swap kits for just about any vehicle.

Currently, we offer a decent selection of aftermarket performance parts as well as stock rebuild parts for the early Cadillac 331″, 365″, 390″ & 429’s, but we do not have a full catalog published yet. If you are looking for parts for these engine, feel free to call or e-mail us with what you are looking for, and we will be happy to help you out.

We do not currently carry anything for the 4.1/4.5/4.9 Litre, or Northstar engines.
We are always expanding our product line of OEM style replacement parts, as well as aftermakret performance parts, for various Cadillac engines.

AC Components
Air and Fuel Delivery
Air Cleaners
Bits and Pieces
Blower Kit
Cams & Kits
Cast Aluminum Valve Covers
Chrome Valve Covers
Connecting Rods
Cooling System
Cooling System Plugs
Core Parts
Crank and Water Pump Pulleys
Crank Hubs, Bolts, and Repair Sleeves
Cylinder Head Fasteners
Cylinder Heads
Driveline, Transmissions, and Starters
Early Cadillac Valve Covers
Electronic Conversion Kits for Points Distributors
Engine Builders Kits
Engine Gasket Sets
Exhaust Manifolds
External Parts Fasteners
Flex Plates, Flywheels, and Ring Gears
Flywheel Related Fasteners
Fuel Lines
Fuel Pumps
Full Shaft Rocker Assemblies
Harmonic Dampeners
Head Gaskets
Header Flanges
Ignition Coils
Ignition Control Boxes and Accessories
Ignition Systems
Installation Hardware Gaskets and Tools
Intake Manifolds
Long Block Fasteners
Lower Engine Gaskets
Motor Mounts and Kits
New Replacement Exhaust Manifolds
New Replacement Timing Covers
OEM Style (T-Pedestal) Rocker Components
Oil Lube and Chemicals
Oil Pans
Oil Pickup Tubes
Oil Pumps
Oil System
Other Cooling System Components
Other Pulleys and Related Parts
Other Swap Components
Overhaul Parts
Pulleys Brackets and Accessories
Pulleys, Brackets, and Accessories
Rings and Bearings
Rocker Systems
Rod/ Piston Combos
Rotating Parts
Serpentine Drive Kits
Spark Plug Wires and Looms
Stroker Kits
Swap Components, Adapters, and Mounts
Tools and Supplies
Transmission Adapters
Transmission Pans
Upper Engine Gaskets
Valve Covers
Valve Spring Kits
Valve Stem Seals
Water Pumps
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