The valvetrain is an important part of any engine combination. Whether your engine is stock or full race, or anything in between, having a correctly matched, properly functioning valve train is of equal importance. If you are not sure which components are right for your engine, feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call for a recommendation. Below you will find a variety of valves, springs, seals, and other timing components to put together a first class valvetrain.

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Brad Penn Engine Oil

RB40111 Crank Key


VT13174 True Roller Timing Chain Set


VT15151 Roller Cam Thrust Bearing (Button)


VT33111 Valve Spring Kits Stage 1


VT33112 Valve Spring Kits Stage 2


VT33113 Valve Spring Kits Stage 3


VT33114 Valve Spring Kits Stage 4

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