CS21101 New Stock Replacement Water Pump (Early Style) $120.00
CS25101 High Volume Water Pump (Early Style), by FlowKooler  $165.00

New Replacement Water Pump Late style

Recommended for use with 1-groove V-belt PS / AC systems (’74-’85), and serpentine systems.

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New Replacement Water Pump Late style

Fits Cadillac 472, 500, 425, and 368 engines.

For use with front belt drive systems with 1 V-belt driving the Power Steering and AC compressor (i.e. factory ’74-’85 472 / 500 / 425 / 368 with 2-groove crank pulley and 1 groove AC compressor pulley), and some serpentine systems.

Will not clear dual V-belts driving a top-mount AC compressor.

For use with 3-groove V-belt crank pulleys, please order CS21101.

Be careful of people advertising cheap high-volume water pumps, and even cheaper ‘stock’ replacement pumps. There are 3 pumps available new: Cheap junk (notably substandard compared to the OE pumps, sold by many as ‘OE replacement’), high quality stock replacement (sold by us and some others as ‘stock replacement’, but sold incorrectly as ‘high volume’ by the unscrupulous, simply because they are better than the cheap not-so-great replacement pumps), and true high volume pumps, which are only made by FlowKooler. The FlowKooler pump features a trick billet brass impeller that pushes roughly 30% more coolant at idle than the factory and high quality replacement pumps. The factory and high quality replacement pumps push nearly that much more at idle than the cheap junk replacement pumps. Looks can be deceiving, but if it’s not a FlowKooler, it’s not high volume.

Weight 148.96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 7 in


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