DS13101 Cadillac Pilot Bushing For manual transmission $45.00
DS20131 Starter Support Strap $29.00

Designed to fit ’73-’92 and ’88-’95 Chevy Trucks, 2nd Gen (’70-’81) F-body (Camaro and Firebird), and front-steer (most 70s models) X-body (Nova, Omega, Ventura, Appolo, etc).
Also known to fit non-torsion bar ’63-’66 Chevy trucks, all ’67-’72 Chevy trucks, and front-steer Ford trucks.
Fits in most front-steer mid-size and full size GM swaps (A, B, and C bodies, such as Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Skylark, Bonneville, Impala, Caprice, Lesabre, Perrisiene, etc.) with little or no modification.
This is the header used for most undocumented RWD / front steer swaps, as well.
Note: 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks have a wider frame rail, and therefore less clearance for headers. You may or may not have to clearance the frame slightly for header clearance on these applications. No clearancing is necessary on 1/2 ton trucks.

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Universal Mid-Length Headers

For ceramic coated headers, please add EX61101 Premium Ceramic Header Coating (Silver) to your order.

Easy fit, properly designed for Cad applications.
The following information applies to all headers unless otherwise noted.
Fully CNC mandrel bent heavy gauge tubing, jig welded, with 3/8 flanges, machined flat after welding, for a reliable seal.
Headers are a mid-length design, 1 3/4″ primaries and 3″ collectors, designed for optimum performance from stock to performance builds. Higher end builds (over 500 real HP) may benefit from larger tube headers.On most stock and street performance builds, these headers beat anything else available on the dyno.
Prices are for headers in bare steel, unless otherwise noted.
Note: Headers are designed to fit listed applications with no further modification, assuming the engine is mounted in the location we mount them. Different installations may require custom fitting.

Weight 29.80 oz
Dimensions 26 × 5 × 26 in


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