You just can’t beat Cad Company’s rocker systems when it comes to valve train stabilization. The OEM T-pedestal system is, at best, marginal for any kind of performance application. Over the years our shaft rocker systems have been honed and tuned to perfection thanks to everyone who has been involved with our program.

We recommend the Stage I shaft rocker assembly as a minimum for any application where longevity, dependability, and reliability are concerned. Every engine built here at Flashcraft is equipped with Cad Company shaft rockers. We suggest that even restoration motors upgrade to shaft rockers. Having had even brand-new OEM valve train parts fail, we just won’t send our motors out there with anything prone to failure. With high quality shafts and 6061/T6 aluminum supports, you’re in good hands. For street cruisers, street rods, muscle motors and towing applications, where you’re never going to see over 5,000 rpm with a mild cam you’ll be fine with the Stage I setup. However, if you’re shooting for lots of rpm, or using high valve spring pressure and valve lifts, the Stage III and IV Rockers use a one piece, full length aluminum support girdle for additional strength on each shaft.

The Stage V Rockers use a solid, split shaft design with no through holes, for even more strength and rigidity, and are also available with stainless rockers for those who need them.

While stock pushrods may be the correct size for some adjustable setups, we recommend using custom length Chromoly pushrods with any of the adjustable rocker sets.